The Project

The Lafayette Street Project is an infill Cottage project with in the City of Beaufort and the Pigeon Point Neighborhood. Six classic Lowcountry Cottages will be built centered around new investment in the public realm.

One of the core missions of the Lafayette Street Project has been to add character to the neighborhood through investment in the public realm. The Lafayette Team will be improving Lafayette Street with on-street parking, street lights and a sidewalk while preserving the younger live oak street trees. The main focal point of the project is the pocket park on the corner. This park is a great visual anchor on the corner and with its great live oaks and Lots 5 and 6 both front the park with great relaxed porches.

The Cottages are served with a rear alley that keeps the cars and trash cans off the street for a better over all appearance. A natural landscape buffer is also maintained in the rear behind the alley for privacy and to save many old growth trees.